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“I have been working with Daniella for nearly three months now and the difference her guidance and help has made to my wellbeing has been huge. 

The last year has been a particularly tough time for me and I have been in great need of some support. I found Daniella just at the right time and she has helped me to work through my challenges via guided meditation, somatic work and talking therapy. 

Her approach has been kind, non judgemental, calm, knowledgeable and she has always put me at ease. I have found it really easy to talk to her and I have been given some exercises that I can take forward and use in my everyday life.

Daniella has also been kind enough to work on a soul plan with me and has gone out of her way to research and pull together information that she has shared with me. 

I can't speak highly enough of Daniella and I know she's going to make such a positive impact with her therapy, expertise and guidance. Thank you Daniella!”

Hannah / London

 Since end of June, I have a cherished weekly 90 minutes of holistic healing with Daniella. I have wanted to start this journey as I have eating disorders since 10 years accompanied by occasional depression moments. I have done many conventional therapies which helped but never sorted the problem. I was very interested to discover another kind of healing. 

First I have to say that Daniella is very committed and as it is not always easy to speak to someone about my problems I tend to not commit to it or to unconsciously let other priorities take over. Her organization to schedule our regular sessions really helps me to take the time once a week to be aware of my feelings and emotions. Also I feel she really prepares our session which makes them always interesting and personalized.

I really feel I can trust Daniella and always felt her compassion and never felt judged. I liked her use of metaphor which is definitely helpful to simplifies how my mind or body reactions and helps me to be aware of it.

In these 3 months, I have had the chance to experienced many different techniques: safe meditation; embodying my emotions; hypnotherapy; tapping etc. Daniella always choose the best technique according to how I feel and my needs. I always end the session relaxed, aware of how I am feeling and most of all equipped to face these similar negative emotions/feelings. For example, the gratitude/manifestation journal that I keep doing since the start, I should say this simple habit really helped me to realize the positive in my life and give me a direction for the following day. I don’t know if this is the only reason but I feel happier since then. Also she taught me coherent breathing techniques, mantra and hypnotherapy anchorage that I can use in case of eating disorder crisis. This is something I should repeat over and over, but the simple way to feel that I have a whole pallet of tools, helps reduce the anxiety and be more positive on the healing journey.

To finish, I am very grateful to have those regular sessions with Daniella and I am looking forward to the next ones.

Laura / London

Daniella’ session was thorough, honest, and super relaxing. She went into fascinating detail but was conscientious and clear with her offerings. There was plenty of coverage that has given me clarity about where I’m at and where I’m going in life! Would absolutely recommend booking a session. Do it!

Zack / London

I've always been a skeptic of hypnotherapy, but when I met Daniella I got such a good feeling about her - I trusted her and I was willing to at least try. We only had one session together, and the only reason we only had one session was because it was all I needed... I kid you not. She turned me from a skeptic into a believer, and at the same time managed to shift a limiting belief I'd been carrying around with me my whole life. I still can't believe it was that easy. Forever grateful Daniella, thank you.

Saskia / London

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